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Name Improvements for Everyday Stuff [huffingtonpost]

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omg i cant breathe

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If You’re on Twitter, I Need a Favor from You


Please RT my message to Prince about my song “Touch My Hair.” I’m curious about what will happen as a result. Watch this video for context.

This is so succinct. I especially love the recap at the bottom, underneath that last image.






In my mind, this compensates for the Weird Weeds' breakup, haha…



Notified of this by Shira’s fb page

A member of the Al-Andalus ensemble, who often plays for belly dancers had his handmade flutes destroyed by the TSA. A real shame, please spread around

This hurts my spirit.

TSA is the reason why I no longer have functioning hard cases for my guitars, but I still can’t imagine how upset this dude must be right now.

I’m convinced that the TSA does more harm than good. Way more, in fact.


Regardless of anything that’s happening in my personal life, I have music to make, and lots of it.

Here’s a rough mix of a new song. There will be many more very soon.

This is me pulling myself out of the muck.

Thanks for caring.

Mmm, something smells wonderful here.

My GF and I are still confused why Sean isn’t fucking famous as hell at this point. He’s easily one of the greatest musicians/songwriters of the last thirty years.


If you want to know why gender stereotypes exist, take a good look at the difference between Girl’s Life and Boy’s Life Magazines. While Boy’s Life pushes boys to get outside and explore nature, Girl’s Life tells girls they should be worrying about fashion. While Boy’s Life offers stories of Scouts they can model themselves after, Girl’s Life asks if Facebook is ruining their love life. And, my personal favorite, while Boy’s Life gives it’s readers jokes so they can be the center of attention Girl’s Life posits, “Do You Know When to Shut Up?”

This is the message we’re giving our children.

Lou Reed recently reviewed Kanye’s latest and loved it. A great review of a fantastic artist, by a fantastic artist.